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Procurement of material in GUVNL & its subsidiary companies is being done through uniform purchase policy i.e. Purchase Policy 2016 & it’s amendments thereof.
In purchase policy 2016, there is provision to develop vendors under vendor development Policy.
The Vendor Development Policy is meant for the Bidders:-
I. who develop new product, which has never been tried by the Company, and if the same is found useful to the Company.
II. do not have experience for the product, which is being used by the Company.
On successful completion of six months of performance of material supplied under vendor development policy, as per policy vendor registration is also being given and applicant under vendor development policy can participate in tenders also. For further detail, please go through purchase policy 2016 published on GETCO’s website
GETCO desires to increase bidders in following items.

Item Specifications Link
(1) LA 11,22,33 KV Porcelain LA R1 Sep - 2010
66kV Procelain LA R5 Jan - 2021
400, 220 &132kV Porcelain LA R5 Jan - 2021
400, 220, 132 & 66kV Polymer housed LA R1 Sept - 19
(2) Battery Sets 220V, 250_350Ah Tubular Lead Acid Battery set R4 Jan - 2010
220V, 250_350Ah Plante' Type Lead Acid Battery sets R0 Aug - 2008
12 V VRLA Battery ser R1 Feb-2013
50V 250Ah VRLA Manit. Free Battery Set with Amendment-I
50V 250Ah,350Ah, 600Ah Battery Set with Amendment-I
110_220V NiCad Battery Set-R1 Sept - 2017
(3) Battery chargers 110V Battery Charger - R3 - Mar 2016
220V Battery Charger R2 Oct - 15
50V Battery Charger Float 25 A Boost 15 A - R0 Oct - 2011
50V Battery Charger Float 40 A Boost 35 A - R0 April - 2008
50V Battery Charger Float 100A Boost 60A - R0 April - 2008
(4) BPI 400, 220, 132 & 66kV BPI R3 Dec 09
400, 220, 132 & 66kV Composite BPI R1 Sept 19
(5) Fired Wedge connectors R0 June - 2008
(6) LT Panel Boards 400A LT Panel Board - R3 Dec - 2012
1000 Amp LT Panel Board R2 June - 2020

Specifications of above items are uploaded herewith.
Applicants are requested to go through it and apply under vendor development policy. Please note that, fees payable & documents to be submitted under vendor development policy are as per vendor registration.
For any query please contact CE(P & C) on following mail id.;;